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Stuff I've written and discussed that I'm particularly fond of


Kicking off design projects in three acts

At Four Kitchens, we kick off every big design project with a discovery workshop. For an InVision webinar, Todd and I co-presented on the narrative-based discovery process we have designed. I also wrote a blog post about it. The webinar was well-attended by a couple hundred designers and has been viewed thousands more times. We received great feedback and really enjoyed the experience. Watch the recording linked below or listen to the podcast from InVision.



Content strategy for migration: how planning a website is like planning a home

At Four Kitchens, many of our clients are migrating legacy content to a new CMS. We help our clients create a plan for migration: what to keep, what to delete, and what to edit before migrating. I wrote a blog post for clients to broadly outline the process and demystify this type of content strategy work.


House of Cards: Four research techniques for website redesigns

Four Kitchens works with clients who have a lot of content to reorganize. A common research methodology that we recommend is a Card Sort. There are subtleties to choosing a specific style of card sort, so I wrote a blog post to explain the differences between open sorts, closed sorts, hybrid sorts, and tree testing.

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